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Wexford Women's Refuge

OBFA was appointed in 2018 by Wexford County Council as the Architect and Design Team Lead for the development of the new Wexford Women’s Refuge project, at a green field site in Maudlintown, Wexford. The proposed development sets a new standard for the future of Women’s Refuge provision and seeks to act as an exemplar for others to follow. Security is a priority, while maintaining and creating an environment that encourages both positive integration and independent living.

Site model

OBFA’s design provides 12 small apartments with communal areas and safe play areas for children. There are staff support offices and additional multi-purpose spaces. 


The new three-storey building consists of two rectangular volumes connected and distributed linearly to allow the creation of a natural boundary to the public realm and ensuring the privacy of the gardens and courtyard onto which the apartments and communal spaces open.

Building model
Wexford County Council
2023-On site
Maudlintown, Co. Wexford
Site Plan Diagram Womens Refuge