Visual Artists’ Workspaces in Ireland

The Arts Council commissioned OBFA to carry out an audit, mapping and analysis of Visual Artists’ Workspaces in Ireland early in 2022.  A major survey was carried out and providers, owners and co-operative managers of  Visual Artists’ Workspaces in the Republic of Ireland responded with a huge amount of data.

173 Visual Artists’ Workspaces were mapped, and where they completed surveys, analysis was undertaken.  The OBFA study demonstrates that artists’ studios in Ireland have an average lifespan of seven years.  Over 70% of artists’ workspaces are in buildings over 25 years old.  Tenure is a sector issue, with over 11% of workspaces not expecting their lease to be renewed.  On a positive note, over 50% of buildings are state owned (43% are owned by Local Authorities).

Section view of conserved building in a nature reserve Co Cork

This research provides the Arts Council with statistical information on artists’ workspaces in Ireland and provides key data to inform ongoing supports and planning for those buildings and the artists who use them.  To see the map of Visual Artists’ Workspaces in Ireland at July 2022, click here:

To read the full report, click here: (