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Shackleton Museum

OBFA is currently undertaking Project Management and Architectural Lead for the detailed design of the refurbishment of Athy Heritage Centre as an International Museum around the Sir Ernest Shackleton collection.

The project comprises refurbishment of the existing Courthouse, among a 19th century market square. The building features a new glass ‘iceberg’ extension and multiple exhibition spaces as well as the deep retrofit and upgrading of the existing building.

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This project includes working with specialist exhibition designers to integrate the exhibition display within the whole design. The collection is of major international significance including the Shackleton Cabin, brought back from Norway, and restored at Letterfrack. The cabin is a core exhibit, and has informed the design from the start. The Museum will include climate change and environmental aspects among the context of historical exploration.

Kildare County Council, Shackleton Experience Museum
Under Construction 2024-5
Athy, Co. Kildare
Site Plan Diagram Shackleton