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Front elevation street

Project Arts Centre

OBFA was commissioned to collaborate in a Co-Design process for Project Arts Centre’s Masterplan 2022-2025. As Dublin’s oldest and most iconic multi-disciplinary arts centre, Project has been at the forefront of imaginative artistic programming in the heart of the city, since 1966. Project Arts Centre hosted Co-Design Workshops, a Questionnaire, and Focus-Groups (virtually). The Co-Design process ensures that the Company’s culture of open-ness and collaboration is included in its discussion about future Capital upgrades, to inform Project’s next 25 years of development for the artists and citizens of Dublin, Ireland and beyond.


Using the Co-Design process and feedback, OBFA developed two major design interventions for the building, including energy upgrades. Multiple designs were developed over a 14 month period which were then shortlisted to the two final key Feasibility Designs (Street Art & Art Box). The interventions were costed by QS Carraig Consultancy, and shared with the Board and Management towards the Masterplan 2022-2025.  This project was a fluid process with a large group of stakeholders, which ultimately captured the passion that people have for the ‘big blue building’. OBFA looks forward to seeing some of the development designs being realised in the years ahead.

PAC Aerail AXO BW Street Art copy
Project Arts Centre
Temple Bar, Dublin
Site Plan Diagram Project Arts