Portlaoise Convent Lands

For the past three years OBFA has been working with a large number of stakeholders regarding the future of the Convent at the heart of Portlaoise town, and its surrounding gardens and lands.  Occupying a high profile town site, beloved by locals, OBFA is keen to ensure that this project enhances the historic convent, its urban realm, and the new build housing blocks flanking the grounds.  Working with our clients Sophia Housing and Laois County Council, it is important that the high profile site is accessible and open, and yet private and safe for its new residents.

OBFA Render Image of Portlaoise Convent Lands

This project protects the historic fabric of the Convent Building at the centre of the site, and adds new contemporary low rise housing in two blocks, overlooking the mature gardens, adjacent Main Street.  The design takes the concept of an open courtyard at its centre, which is visually and physically open for the communities it serves.