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OBFA 1836 Loughrea Front Elevation Photo Evan Tsapatoras


This infill housing scheme provides 5 no. housing units in Barrack St, Loughrea for Galway County Council. The ambition for the site was to repair and improve an infill site, completing a strong street frontage and maintaining a formal public elevation to Barrack Street. Part of this delivery is also to maintain a clear threshold between the public and private realm and to afford new residents with visual ownership to the front of their homes. The scheme has been designed to be sensitive to the existing urban form and architectural language of the Loughrea township, repairing a gap, maintaining a street line in elevation and in height, and integrating new housing with its immediate context. 

OBFA 1836 Loughrea Side Gate Photo Evan Tsapatoras

The development has a mix of two and three bed homes in a terrace formation. Semi-private front gardens act as a buffer to the street with rear gardens providing ample private outdoor space. The rear amenity has defined raised beds along with attractive paver set finishes to allow a soft landscape approach without a high management overhead for residents. The units have been finished to a high standard of construction and were delivered to nZEB performance.

Photos by Evan Tsapatoras

OBFA 1836 Loughrea Rear Elevation Photo Evan Tsapatoras
Galway County Council
Loughrea, Co Galway
Site Plan Diagram Loughrea