Who we are

OBFA is a progressive architectural practice providing professional architectural and project management services throughout Ireland. A contemporary practice with an emphasis on design and sustainability, OBFA operates in a BIM (Building Information Modelling) environment for the efficient delivery of all projects.


OBFA Architects comprises a talented team of architects, technologists and an arts producer/accountant.  We operate a collaborative studio approach where knowledge and experience are shared. 

The staff have worked in various environments around the world, bringing a more diverse and global perspective to our processes.  OBFA Architects has steadily built a reputation in innovative design using technology and education, and we are currently leading Ireland in two first of its kind citizen-led design processes.


Founded in 2013, OBFA’s diverse body of work includes cultural, residential, commercial and educational buildings and spaces for both the private and public sectors.

Our team represents our commitment to the field of architecture, with wide ranging interests and extensive experience – from the procurement and management of large and complex projects, to research and study.

Each team member contributes to the wide range of projects and typologies, driving common architectural ambitions and a shared commitment to the collaborative aspect of creating architecture that is reflective of social, cultural, and physical context.


Our practice is honed on the ability to have a constructive dialogue with clients and end-users, as well as collaborating closely with other members of the project team throughout the design and delivery of a project.