Mental Health Unit (Réimse), HSE, Dublin

ClientHealth Service Executive (HSE)

StatusOn-site (2015)

The building provides a HSE mental health community outreach hub and out-patients department for the South Dublin region.

The existing building, built circa. 1935, initially served for the treatment of Tuberculosis. Medical services, through several adaptations, continued until the building was decommissioned in 2012 with the objective for the structure to be extended and re-purposed.

The intention of the project is to accommodate modern healthcare services in an open yet safe environment. Through a full refurbishment programme and provision of strategic new-build extensions the building was upgraded to create generous and welcoming patient areas. The new works also included the creation of several public and semi-public external spaces to augment the approach to holistic mental healthcare. These spaces are then delineated by open, yet sufficiently enclosed screens to give the building an identity and a sense of place within the wider hospital campus. The interfaces between the internal and external spaces break down the barriers associated with the provision of mental healthcare and are further enhanced by the creation of layers of transparency from outside to in, from public to private. The new building has delivered an inspiring and uplifting healthcare facility.

OBFA acted as architect, design team lead and Assigned Certifier for this project.